Third Party Manufacturing

With a team of experts, Delroy Pharma has established itself as the leading third-party manufacturing expert in India. We specialize in handling Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing requirements and ensuring a satisfied customer-base. Our knowledge and expertise in Third Party Manufacturing have empowered us to be the market leader with a significant customer base that has its requirements satisfied with expertise. We offer a wide range of Third-party manufacturing solutions and provide solid grounds to third-party pharmaceutical manufacturing clients in creating their product line, market, and even launch their own companies.
We handle the redistribution part of the manufacturing process of a product to the third-party client. We cater to the requirements of manufacturing companies as well as our end clients. We make partner with manufacturers and shoulder a lot of many of their tasks such as marketing and selling to the contract manufacturers, under the Third-party manufacturing contract. We work closely with the Indian regulatory system and work round the clock, devising, and implementing modern marketing solutions for the clients to help them establish their own brand identity.



Selection of Products and Rates

As you decide the products to want to outsource, contact us to get an honest quotation which includes Product cost, expenses related to product manufacturing, securities, and the minimum quantity of delivery schedule.



Third party contract manufacturing includes finalizing order quantity of the product. Every composition has different MOQ requirement to process for a manufacturing unit. Tablets, capsules, injections, softgels, ointments, syrups , every dosage form has different MOQ requirement.


Raising Purchase order

Once the composition and order quantities are finalized, we raise a purchase order. The manufacturer is requested to confirm the products and a partial advance from the manufacturer is requested at this stage.


Finalizing Artwork

We startup with the registration formalities as per the manufacturer’s requirements. The design artwork is finalized now and details like Brand name, and logo on the carton, packing details such as composition, and manufacturing details are identified.


Submitting the documents

Certain certificates are submitted, including Company profile, Director’s document (Aadhar and Pan Card), Wholesale Drug Licence, GST number, Agreement for manufacturing, Certificate for Non-resemblance etc.


Delivery of Goods

Most of the products take 4 to 6 weeks to get these manufactured. Once it is ready, you will be informed. The goods are then dispatched through a reliable transporter after the submission of documents & clearance of accounts.


Quality products

We maintain the quality of products and ensure that your clients are always satisfied with the product's efficacy.


Fast Delivery

Trust us for the fast delivery of your products as we are dedicated to boosting your business to the top heights.


100% Satisfaction

Your satisfaction with our services is the motto of our business. We would never leave you unsatisfied.